Adam Ettenberger


  • Languages : C++, C#, Lua, JavaScript
  • API/Framework : WPF, OpenGL, DirectX


  • Microsoft
    Software Engineer II – Microsoft Edge Layout (June 2017 – Present)
    • OOP C++ and C# helping improve the Microsoft Edge layout engine
  • Amazon
    Software Development Engineer – Kindle Rendering (January 2017 – June 2017)
    • OOP C++11 / C++14 helping to implement new features for their proprietary layout engine.
  • Sledgehammer Games
    Software Engineer (March 2015 – January 2017)
    Associate Software Engineer (September 2013 – March 2015)
    Tools Engineer Intern (June 2013 – September 2013)
    • UI Engineer for Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare, primarily C++ and Lua scripting.
    • Created new menus and systems that improved the shipping product.
    • Working closely with a small pod of engineers and artists, as well as collaborating with other studios.
    • Addressed UI related performance and memory problems.
    • Migrating and implementing new features in a modular in-house tool using C# WPF, third party Telerik controls, and the Microsoft Prism Library.
    • Helped create a UI Editor module for the tool mentioned above. It maintains a JSON layout file and exports Lua script that the game can consume. I wrote a majority of the rendering code for the module, as well as user interaction code such as the drag-drop editing of UI elements on the stage, and a keyframe based animation timeline.

Selected Projects

  • RENU (December 2012):
    • Worked in a team of 4 building a full 5 level platform shooter within 23 hours for Windows 8 in HTML5 JavaScript.
    • Placed 2nd during the “Imagine Cup 2013 @ RIT” event.
    • Postmortem and playable version available on my portfolio website listed above.
  • 2D Metaballs (October 2012):
    • Individual project to learn more about WebGL and GLSL shaders over a weekend.
    • Researched how Metaballs worked, and derived a solution using point lights and alpha blending.
    • Allowed for multiple colored point lights for a more interesting effect.
  • Card Kingdom (Winter 2011):
    • Worked with a graduate capstone team of 8 building a 3D arcade arena-style arena-based beat-em'-up.
    • Prototyped the AI system in Unity with C#, then later implemented into the C++ engine.
    • This project was showcased at the GDC 2012 Expo floor and had received a lot of positive feedback.


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
B.S. Game Design and Development – May 2013